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Isopogon - Curly




- proteaceae

- Isopogon 

- formosus

- spine shape leaves
Common name 

- Rose Cone Flower (drumsticks)

- Western Australia
Variety name 

- "Curly"


Curly is a small to medium-sized woody. It has unique foliage, spine-like, but soft and very attractive, frequently with redden stems. Insignificant pink flowers in winter.


Curly is very unique in its spine shaped foliage. The look is thorny, but is soft to touch. Very suitable for arrangements and has a very good vase-life.


Curly can be grown in most drained soils and full to semi sun with the optimum PH being 5.5-6.5. Performs better under protective net of 20-50% shade.


Curly grows in optimum temperature of 10-30 degrees, but can tolerate lower temperatures.

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