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Intergeneric Cross- Rey


- Myrtaceae

- VerticordiaXChamelaucium 
Variety name 

- "Rey"


The "Rey" is a perennial shrub reaching 1-2 meters in height. It has small narrow needle shaped leaves 15-20 mm long, in colors ranging from light to dark green.

It has a unique shaped 5 petaled flower with crown-like center, the size of 10 mm in diameter. Flowering branches can produce 10 to 30 flower buds. The "Rey" flowers through winter with pink flowers.


"Rey" grows in most soils, but prefers acid and well drained soils with the optimum PH being 6 - 6.5. It prefers dry conditions and has low water and fertilizer requirements.

"Rey" grows in the optimum temperature range of 15 – 35oC, but can tolerate lower temperatures. It can’t stand heavy frost.


"Rey" can be planted most of the year except in winter. The best planting seasons are spring and autumn.

Recommended planting density is 650 per dunam.

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