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-  Protaceae


-  Adenanthos


-  Sp.


-  Chris Tal, Aviv


-  Woolly Bush


-  Western Australia


ADENANTHOS is an evergreen shrub. It has soft silvery green-grey foliage. Leaves are deeply lobed of feather-like texture, 35 to 40 mm long.


ADENANTHOS can be grown in most soils and can tolerate mild frost.

It doesn’t require much fertilizer or water and is relatively unaffected by pests and diseases. It grows well in full sun as well as in partial shade.


ADENANTHOS “ CHRIS TAL” is a good cut foliage plant up to 3 m. Its silvery green-grey coloring and feathery texture make it an interesting part of any flower arrangement.

It has a very good shelf life and maintains its color and texture when dried.

It can be planted from spring through summer to autumn and starts yielding after 8 months. Recommended planting density of 800 to 1300 plants per 1000 m2.


ADENANTHOS “CHRIS TAL” foliage – can be harvested throughout the year, but growth is slower during winter. It responds well to pruning.


ADENANTHOS “CHRIS TAL” pot plant – can be grown as an ornamental pot plant for indoors and outdoors in pots 8 – 20 cm. Can be grown “wild”, or shaped (ponpon, bonzai) by pruning. It is also an excellent screen plant for outdoor gardens.


ADENANTHOS “AVIV” pot plant – is an evergreen crawling plant with silvery green feather like leaves. It makes an excellent  pot plant and is a good cover plant for gardens and rockeries. It can be planted all year round.



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