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Nir Nursery was established in 1983 by Gideon and Nitzan Nir. The nursery is situated in Kfar Hess approximately 30 kilometers north east of Tel Aviv.


Nir Nursery deals with the introduction, breeding, acclimatization, development and propagation of plants from the southern hemisphere (Australia in particular) with a view to obtaining new varieties of cut flowers, foliage, flowering pot plants and garden plants.


Working together with the nursery staff, we are investing large efforts in the selection of new varieties, their cultivation and the development of suitable growth techniques.


The nursery possesses a combined quarantine system, tissue culture laboratory, advanced propagation methods, trial fields for new varieties as well as greenhouses for plants and pot plants.


The plants we supply are of a high quality, free of diseases and pests. Furthermore, we provide the corresponding instructions for each variety as well as further counseling, if required.


The nursery has a staff of 8, 2 of them agronomic engineers.


The nursery produces 500.000 – 1.000.000 rooted cuttings a year, mainly Wax flower varieties.


Production area – plants – 5000 m2

Trial fields – 9000 m2

Mother stock – 3000 m2

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